Chernobyl Driver

Call Of Duty 4 V's The Real Chernobyl

Swimming Pool From COD 4

Being a big fan of COD 4 - Modern Warfare, of course when I first visited Chernobyl I wanted to see the parts of the game which I had already played.

Finding The Game Locations

Unfortunately, the game locations don't marry up to the real life locations very well. The locations seem to have been taken directly from real life, though have been brought together in the game without maintaining their original map locations. For example, in the COD 4 game while playing the level All Ghillied Up, after crawling under the vehicles to get through the military convention you climb through a building and come out in a housing estate. Once you've passed the wild dog you move into an old abandoned shop which has been taken from the Cherevach village. Strangely, after the shop, you then go up the stairs and into the Palace of Culture. As you emerge from the stairwell and look out over the banister, in the game you can then see the power station ahead. In reality when you look from this location you only see Lenin Avenue and in fact the power station is on the left.

Ferris Wheel Pripyat

On COD 4, coming out of the Palace of Culture and you have the main square and an odd shape concrete arch attached to the building. You can also see Hotel Polesia, where the next level One Shot, One Kill takes place, this is all very accurate and true to the real locations.

Playing the level One Shot, One Kill, you carry Captain MacMillan into the Swimming Pool Building. While the building itself and the inside of the building does carry some similarity to the real life building, it's location in Pripyat is strangely next to the fairground with the Ferris wheel. In reality the Ferris wheel is behind the Palace of Culture, near the hotel and the pool is in a different district.

Pipes Above Ground

Ferris Wheel Pripyat

In the game COD 4 and especially on the level All Ghillied Up you'll notice there are pipes which run above ground and only raise above the road to let vehicles pass. This is true to reality in Chernobyl town, but would never in reality be so close to Pripyat as it shows in the game. The truth is these pipes carry fresh water and were added after the disaster above ground because of the radiation within the soils.

Statues Missing From Pripyat

In the game you'll notice an abundance of Soviet style statues throughout. Unfortunately, after the evacuation in 1986, all the statues were removed, cleaned and repositioned in other towns and cities. There are now no statues in Pripyat, only 1 statue which was outside the music school is now placed in front of the power station in Chernobyl.

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