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Pripyat Photos

Pripyat From A Rooftop

One of my favourite places on earth is Pripyat in Chernobyl. It sounds a bit strange that this abandoned, radioactive city is on my list of favourites, but it’s true. It’s not the history of Pripyat or the disaster of Chernobyl which I love; it’s the urban decay which the city represents now. It’s the way in which nature has taken over and continues to grow, through the roofs of the concrete communist buildings and from the roads throughout the city.

Taking Photographs Of Pripyat

I have a natural attraction to heights and could not think of a better spot to photograph Pripyat, as from the rooftop of the highest block of flats. The view looking down on the streets is, in my opinion, unrivalled by any other.

Standing In Front Of Reactor 4

From the top of buildings it’s possible to photograph the vast land which the old city stands in, not to mention the shots of Reactor 4 from only 4km away. The pictures I’ve taken of Pripyat from rooftops truly show the takeover of nature from man and how quickly nature takes back its rein. Only the stills from my camera on the first time I travelled to Pripyat show what it used to be like to me, every time I return the city has changed.

Best Pripyat Photo Locations

Without sounding too repetitive, for me, the best photography location is from the various rooftops; however, which buildings is another topic. West of the Palace of Culture is the tallest building in Pripyat and has great views of the city centre, theme park, hotel and the reactor in the distance. From this same roof if you look north you can photograph the famous sport centre which hosts the iconic pool images. To the west of this building is the active army base and to the south you can capture the view of the main road leading to the square.

A Road Through Pripyat

If heights are not your thing, try photographing the Palace of Culture from the Main Square, or capture the crumbling grounds of the streets with the erosion of the surfaces. The numerous phone boxes are now left dull and dark, with planning and a little Photoshop these images can be transformed.

My current camera of choice is Nikon D3200, it’s perfect for a wide variety of shots and even though the outer casing is made of plastic, it’s sturdy enough to last the bumps and bangs of walking around an abandoned city, like Pripyat. If you want to visit Chernobyl you can contact me to make a booking.