Chernobyl Driver

Returning To Chernobyl

Pripyat Rooftop

Visiting Chernobyl has to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life. To quote a friend of mine after seeing some of my latest pictures "thank you, now I know what the end of the world looks like", and it's truly that kind of experience. Imagine walking through a city so big that it housed 50,000 inhabitants, only to be now derelict and deserted.

As I write this in June 2014, I have spent so many days in the exclusion zone I can't count, have spent numerous nights sleeping in the zone, have eaten many meals and drank gallons of alcohol in the zone. I've climbed to the top of Duga, looked out over Pripyat from the top of all 7 16-story buildings and have even visited the infamous Reactor 4. But why do I still have an insatiable urge to return again?

Why return to Chernobyl?

16-Story Building

Before I first visited Chernobyl I said to myself that I would only need/want to visit once, then I can tick it off my bucket list. However, this place has such a hold over its visitors that most people can't get enough! There's no shortage of things to see, I've spent weeks in Pripyat and while I'd say I've definitely seen a lot, it's not a fraction of what there is to see.

Every day I've spent in the zone I've stumbled upon something new. Just on my last visit I was exploring the Police station in Pripyat with Dominik, my friend, we saw what we thought was simply a phone booth behind a semi-broken wall. Climbing over the rubble to get a better look and we discovered the police shooting range, complete with shooting stalls and fired bullets. Amazing!

I'm definitely interested in travel and derelict places, plus, exploring everything is my life goal. So, I would suggest that's a good explanation for my huge interest in Chernobyl. But it is a mystery why radioactive and derelict cities, towns, villages, a top-secret radar and an exploded reactor would tempt so many people to not only visit once but return.

Kiosk Pripyat

The Cost Of Returning

For a hobby, travel is not the cheapest out there, though following a football team isn't exactly cheap either and at least with travel you sometimes get a tan. Once you've found your way to Kyiv in Ukraine, visiting Chernobyl is value for money. The cost of a 2 day tour with 1 overnight stay in Chernobyl city is just £240.

For anybody who hasn't already booked their first trip to Chernobyl, save yourself time and book both your first trip and the inevitable second now - Contact me for tours